Project 2014

exact conversation and reaction when Joey and I were talking to his older sister last night

feeling a lot of pressure to make my photos better now that I’m armed with a camera again 

You are so beautiful!
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Thank you!!

to anyone who ordered a book- once I receive them sometime this coming week I will ship them out asap and I’ll make a post once that happens!

🙌 I missed you 💞

🙌 I missed you 💞

Adoring all your new photos.
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Went to the casino for Joeys birthday and was almost not allowed in because the worker accused me of having a fake ID. Like that thing is almost 3 years old is it really that hard for you to believe that a person can look different after a few years??

This happened hours ago and I’m still offended. 


One more week to purchase a book! I’ll be ordering the first batch and shipping them out next Sunday! You can get them here

just one more day left to order a book!

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